Who Are You Really Talking To?

Dr Clive College left advertising at the age of 51 years and chose a new academic career teaching design at Birmingham City University.

His doctorate touches on the human predicament of connection. In it, he examines audience, values, stereotype, trust, design thinking and innovation.

Dr Clive is an old friend of mine. So, I know that his academic work is a reflection of his life experience and a love of design and drawing.

You can see him here at Bristol Tedx 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n52tKLAVVTM

During the last Temple Quarter Breakfast series, we looked at strategy through the lens of logical typing. The idea was to add commercial value to your business by sharpening your unforgettable story and showing you how to sort masses of data – like a Matryoshka or Russian nesting doll.

And, last year we gave you a proven and original business strategy model developed by Zetetic Pioneering Strategies.

This year we look at ancient yoga science and parallel it with hard-core business strategy. Yes, we have a new model. But, I’m not so confident about my yogic skills - maybe you can help!

First, Dr Clive kicks off the series on September 26th at Hilton Garden International, Bristol.  For regular information, you can sign up here.

Really looking forward to it.

Best wishes


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