Three Winged Horses - Story - Great Oratory

Three Winged Horses  

Made for our NLP Master Practitioner program.

However, communication skills are universal, and if you look at how orators bring people along, this overall structure is embedded in their offerings.

So it's incredibly valuable.

If I were being more business, I'd say Leadership language. But I don't want to put you off. It's three-winged horses.  

And the first winged horse is called Lightning. And as the name suggests, Lightning has the ability to light up the sky and show the way clearly regularly every season.  Perhaps more often than that. But the first winged horse who can travel into the future in time is lightning, and they can light up the way

The second wing horse is Digger. Digger is earthy. Digger has great legs for working almost like a shire horse; if you know what one of those horses is, they can clear the ground.  And they can meet goals and objectives, and they like to be practical and get on with it. So that's Digger.

So we've got lightning, lightning showing the way, whichever direction you're going. And we've got Digger doing the practical work.

And the third wing horse is when you are at a concert and music transports you from one place to another without actually moving.  The third wing horse is called Ferry, and Ferry is a shapeshifter. They can be a boat, a plane, or an orchestra. They could be the sea; they can be the digital space. They can be whatever you like, but their job is to act like the ferryman and transporter from one shore to the other, almost without us noticing.  This is the skill of the poet, the songwriter, and the filmmaker.

So we have lightning to show us the way, digger to make it happen. And ferry to give us good vibrations while we're going in the right direction. Okay, so that's three winged horses and embedded in that - so this is a bonus; I suppose I should have said that at the beginning - that structure is embedded in our nervous system, which is why we respond to it.

And some of us respond to different parts of it, but as long as we can see something in it that we like, hear musically a tone that we might find interesting or get on with it in the way that we like to get on with it, then we're going to respond.

It's worth gold dust. I've researched it for years.

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