Is Successful Strategy A Question Of Numbers Or Your Personal Connection?

Twenty years at the business strategy end with chief executives has not dulled my ambition for a new world.

The game of commerce certainly tests the very fabric of your character. A significant life prize could be awarded just for maintaining the clean white structure we call integrity.

But, that quality might only be recognised in its brilliance by those who have seen the full play of life.

No doubt about it. Commerce tests your Soul.

Every decision is an opportunity to strengthen the electro-magnetic field emanating from your heart - or to set in train the forces which break it.

So, in the field of business strategy, the best support you can get for your decision making is on the inside.

It's a personal connection with yourself.

Yes, you might want to spend 100 days on analytics. To sell your idea, it is likely that 100 days is a conservative estimate. But, with the right help, you only need days to sift through your internal layers.

My experience has shown that a chief executive gets a better result faster when they know how they make decisions on their internal landscape.

In other words, they have a personal connection, map or internal structural understanding, against which to evaluate the presenting options.

Yes, there is such a landscape - we all have one - and you have one too.

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