Clarify your thinking, transform your performance.

If you want to build long-term business value as the CEO - and some of you do - there are many dynamics to consider. You have your list. Here are three from our perspective.


  • The clarity of your thinking - thought, feeling, and intuition. Your clarity is a tremendous resource across many dimensions, including investors, employees, customers and the societies that sponsor your business.

  • Conflict resolution - minor differences between key people emerge as visceral conflict at the operational level. So, it is vital to have a resolving mechanism built into strategy conversations at the front end.

  • A CEO coach - a skilled confidential channel - listens and reflects your words and feelings without prejudice or projection as you clarify your thinking, and transform your performance.

As you know, traditional strategy starts with research and analysis. Some look for abstract ideas.  Study and analysis take twelve months to unravel unless you put a team on it.  Bandwidth is your enemy.

To go at warp speed, we start with a structured subjective inquiry.

Inquiry opens doors you didn’t see. It reveals and articulates the underlying pulse of your strategy, makes your process safer, provides a framework to resolve conflict, and builds business value from the start line and over the long term. A slow start leads to a more significant ending.

It can take five years to unwind a poor decision. Clarify your thinking, transform your performance.

CEO Alastair Thomson says ‘Joseph gets you from being very-very good to exceptional in your field.’ (FTSE100 Loop)

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