Remember your soul - it’s an accurate reflection of who you are.


Human life rendered capable of creation.


Freedom, cooperation, possibility, integrity, and a New Mind.

Freedom to be yourself

Cooperation to get things done

Possibility as a chance in life

Integrity - because we all live here

New Mind because there is only one of us.

Specific Mission

To give you a strategy that sticks in ways you can measure.


Clarify Your Thinking, Transform Your Performance.

Management Science, Neuroscience, and Yoga Science combine to clarify your thinking and transform your performance:

  • Management Sciences provide applied academic research and case studies for different aspects of business strategy which utilise analysis, logic, and reason

  • Modern Neuroscience provides information about your brain and neural circuits. Skills like Neuro-Linguistic Programming bridge your nervous system and the external world and utililise conscious and unconscious mind

  • Yoga Science - an ancient study in subjective experience - provides scientifically proven methods to focus, concentrate, relax, transcend Identification and access your intuition through conscious-subconscious- superconcious mind - and the nurturing heart.


Zetetic means to proceed by inquiry.  You are the beginning of the journey.  Your business, your project, or your organisation - they start with you.  So we start with you.  You are the new frontier.  You are the hero's journey.  You are the New Mind.  

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