We believe the answers reside on the inside, moving beyond one-size-fits-all management methods to celebrate the interconnectivity between sustainable strategy and your subjective experience. In marrying ancient yoga science with modern neuroscience, we’ve established refined frameworks to help you achieve your desired outcomes, saving your organisation enormous amounts of time and money whilst still standing up to traditional analysis, logic and reason.

From virtual sounding board sessions to tackle time-sensitive issues to intensive interventions to help reframe recurring challenges, we’ve tailored our services to facilitate all manner of needs to support you in building a workplace culture that is driven by your values, long-term goals and experience.

Our clients achieve measurable results, whether that’s proven in their profit and loss account, through professional career advancement or by receiving both national and international recognition.

We’re here to support your organisation and equip you with unique, trustworthy tools to help nurture your natural intuition.

Find out more about our services below or contact us for a complimentary, 20-minute CEO Private & Confidential consultation and we’ll pick the right fit to help you transform your performance and clarify your thinking.

Zetetic Business Strategy
With access to up to 100 days of thorough, in-house management consultancy, we’ll walk you through traditional business strategy models, from industry power and profitability to market USP, both operational and capital expenditure to return on investment, through the lens of soft value (purpose, values and vision).

By performing such a thorough analysis, we’re able to better understand the multiple perspectives and forces influencing your business and its objectives, so we can vastly increase the power of your business strategy and the potency of your USP, using logic and language that everyone can understand.

Our interactive app, the Zetetic Strategy Board, visually breaks the process down into seven digestible steps that you can follow with ease and continue to draw upon for years to come.

This programme is ideal for CEOs looking to nurture their intuition and learn how to identify, code and establish long-term business value to achieve commercial results that are still rooted in their time-honoured ethics and values. The right strategy, paired with the right product or service, can deliver on these promises and we uphold active interaction in the areas of strategy, USP, management and governance to help you achieve this outcome.

Virtual Business Strategy

If you’re a CEO who is constantly on the go, you may benefit from a confidential, perspective-shifting conversation with a professional management consultant with decades of experience helping businesses transform tired frameworks and achieve measurable growth.

Whether you’re grappling with business acquisitions, navigating interpersonal politics or simply in need of some private support, we’ll work with you to decode the key behaviours that underpin business value and both conceive and deliver a pioneering, intuitive strategy that is bespoke to you.

Buy the first session and Joseph will ring you for a private, pay-as-you-go consultation.

Zetetic Communication Structures
Communication is key when it comes to acknowledging the intimate relationship between our senses and innate intuition, especially when establishing a strategy that works.
Building on neuro-linguistic programming language patterns and strategy-specific leadership models, our exploratory workshops provide CEOs with a high-performance, sensory communication model for optimal articulation and oratorical presentation of their strategy.

These workshops are tailored to your requirements, so they may take anything from 4 hours to 40 days to complete. We’ll work with you to establish an ideal timeframe.
Whether you’re looking to improve general engagement within your organisation or have an important buy-in presentation in mind, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to best articulate the meaningful, strategic foundations of your business.

Start-Up Strategy 
This is a five-day programme for start-ups looking to establish a fully-fledged, viable value proposition and business strategy that is mindful of everything from product design to marketing, net profit to recruitment, sales to leadership.
Starting up doesn’t have to be synonymous with struggling.

CEO Decision Strategy

Decisions, decisions. Businesses are built on them.

Learn how to best formulate and shape your business strategy by making measured, well-informed decisions free of gnawing anxieties, whether those decisions are big or small, proactive or reactive.

This 4-hour, 1-1 workshop identifies and decodes the structure behind effective decision-making processes and explores how you can build upon your unique, age-old approach to make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Executive Strategies

Our Executive Strategies Retreat is ideal for CEOs looking to bring the subjective world to the forefront of their strategic process and save themselves years of false starts and tiresome analysis.

The retreat removes you from the pressurised environment of top-level management, where it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, to help reframe your outcomes and reinvigorate your approach to leadership.

Five days saves five years.

‘You shed light on the REAL issue and you are not willing to go round the houses. You do it in a way that means the client will find out for themselves, rather than you highlighting it for them. Once they discover it, you shed light on the issue and the client will either run or stay but the important thing is that they know and have a choice whether to work on it or not.’

 -  Laura Budgen, Management Professional.

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