Executive Strategies (CEO Five Day Retreat)

Purpose, Direction, Decisions

In the pressurised environment of top-level management, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture.  What are your real goals - personal and organisational?

And are you using the most effective means of achieving these?  

Or, is too much of your time and energy wasted on peripheral issues?

Executive Strategies™ gives you a unique one-to-one (121) opportunity to clarify your strategy, the way you lead, and your decision-making process.

It takes place over 5 days and uses a proven combination of subjectivity, logic, and business strategy models to help you with your purpose, direction and decisions.

Can’t Stop To Sharpen The Axe

You've heard the expression “can't stop to sharpen the axe”?

These 5 days will save you 5 years of time and money.

You will return to your daily role feeling stimulated and refreshed with a clarity that transforms your performance.

The Workshop – 7 Key Benefits

  1. Examine the patterns of how you think in sensory terms - not what you are thinking - and gain a better understanding of how you use your brain

  1. Identify and clarify the sensory structure of your successful (and unsuccessful) decision-making strategies, so that you can use your existing nervous system in confident and practical ways

  1. Discover the colour and power of your predicament, and how you can use that intelligence to inform and drive your future strategies

  1. Identify three critical values and use them to design a compelling forward storyline that others can buy into

  1. Explore five key elements of a good strategy. Make sure that you are not missing any  - yes, it’s more prevalent than you might think - in the articulation of your existing business strategy

  1. Align the business - eliminate peripheral issues - through a new Zetetic Star System that you can use to filter recommendations and make decisions

  1. Use 5 days now to clarify your real goals and save yourself 5 years (Purpose-Direction-Decisions).

We start by exploring and framing your outcomes

This piece yields information relevant to your purpose, vision, value, storyline and specific mission objectives.  It allows you to develop a coherent strategy and leadership framework.  

In a way, it's the neuroscience of strategy and it maps across to the way you think and act.

We don’t tell you what to do.  Our opinion doesn’t count.  This process looks into your world - your subjective experience - to develop both yourself and your organisation.

Five days is actually fast

In the normal world, this exercise takes about 100 days; probably a year once meetings are taken into account.

But the strategy doesn’t work like that.  And, leading global practitioners are now acknowledging that strategy is subjective first.

A notable example is Richard Rumelt in his book Good Strategy Bad Strategy.  He says

 'Looking at things from a different or fresh perspective can reveal new realms of advantage and opportunity as well as weakness and threat'.

Perspective is personal and subjective.

So this workshop is designed to illuminate different perspectives from your conscious and unconscious mind - to look at what drives you - it’s subjective first.

This means that you get to see precisely how you think and act and tick.

It can take some people years.

But you are able to achieve results in just 5 days because we have over 30 years’ experience distilled into that time frame.

So we know how to get you there.

Don't take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about it. But, we can confidently say that you will find this course truly transforming.

Sometimes, it’s true,  we may ask you to think about questions you would rather not ask yourself.

But stick with it and you will discover a set of tools which enable you to dramatically improve your performance as a business leader.

What others say

  • Chris Dowse, senior civil servant, strategy and policy for NHS Employers

    “I am a key decision maker in my organisation, and sometimes it is important to think about that role and whether I am making the right decisions, for the right reasons, in the most productive way.”

  • Douglas Webb, CEO, Cornwall Care

    “Joseph has worked with me and my organisation on many occasions over a five-year period in the fields of business strategy and communication. The results in terms of culture change and competitive advantage are measurable and thrilling.”

  • Julie Close, Director, Southern Brooks

    “A new business strategy in 5 days! So many thanks for getting us the result we needed”.  

What's new?

You start from the inside out.

We are mapping the structure of your subjective experience because this is where your real leverage is - subjective strategies with structure.

It might be the first time you look at it this way but you will recognise it when you do:

  • We want to know what you want, how you see it, what it sounds like, and how it feels when you have it.
  • You go deep not wide.
  • You learn how you are thinking, not just what you are thinking.
  • You explore strategies that unify your rational, emotional, and physical mind.
  • You access your right brain, your left brain, and your midbrain.
  • And you are introduced to personal and original research (which codes the strategies of specific winners from business, academia, and sport) to support the performance claim made here.

Here is what you can expect:

You complete an Executive Strategies Outcome Audit before arriving because a good strategy has a personal connection with your potential.

During the 121 workshop you will be talking, walking, and listening.

We want you to recognise how you think, the way you relate to yourself and others – and the way you form a strategy.

You get tools and techniques that help you to form a good strategy - create value over time - and lead.

You get to see it all laid out.  It puts you in charge.  You are no longer limited by one perceptual frame.

And, you develop a new awareness of the structure of your subjective experience.

This is a tremendous help in all aspects of strategy, leadership and management because this is how your brain works.

Who is it for?

The CEO, Investor, Business Owner

Who am I?

I have worked with chief executives for over thirty years and can help you to make your business or firm successful.

What sets me apart is a combination of management science, yoga science, and neuroscience - as it is applied to strategy, leadership, and management.

This means that we talk about your subjective experience, give it structure, and translate it into meaningful and measurable business objectives.

My clients are the people who are responsible for immediate results and the long term value of the enterprise.  So, it’s not about sectors for me - you are the expert in your business - it’s about you as the chief executive.

Clients have included: Bayer, General Foods, Loop, Hindustan Aeronautics, Aviva, NHS Employers, Eden Project and professional service firms.

Assignments include high-risk capital decisions; corporate or business unit strategy, identifying purpose and values within the context of strategy, and leadership communication within the context of strategy.

I have co-founded six startups in the professional services sector, including Merchants global CX BPO.

During my MBA at Ashridge Business School, I specialised in strategy and market entry via acquisition.

And, my CPD includes over 6,250 tutored hours in personal and interpersonal communication skills, large group awareness training, and neuro-linguistic programming.

This unique combination of real business experience, academic education, and subjective research inform Executive Strategies™

In a nutshell - Why?

If you want to clarify your thinking and transform your performance this workshop is for you.

  • It gives you a proven and practical model for developing a good strategy and creating long term value
  • It connects the dots between strategy and leadership

It shows you how your nervous system works in strategy and decision making

And, it saves you time and money now.


For exclusive one-to-one attention on your most pressing problems the price is £9940.00 (nine thousand, nine hundred and forty pounds sterling) excluding hotel accommodation, food, and drinks.


The Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall, it is absolutely beautiful.  You can relax and think intensely at the same time.

You can listen to Olga Polizzi talk about her own 'particular love', Hotel Tresanton - explaining why you might love it too.


Dates are arranged to suit your diary but the Executive Strategies retreat requires five consecutive days - think 1-2-1 monastery experience in comfortable and elegant surroundings by the sea in an area of outstanding beauty.  January, February, March are usually the easiest months to arrange.

Quality Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, let me know by lunchtime on the first day and we will refund your money minus a 25% administration and expense fee.

If you are interested but still have questions or considerations, you can talk to me on the telephone or email directly.  

Here are my details:

Mobile +44 (0) 7887 513369,

Email joseph3@zeteticmind.com


Best wishes



Zetetic Pioneering Strategies


Web: zeteticmind.com

PS Clarify your thinking, transform your performance.  Five days now can save you five years.

PPS We offer a no quibble money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, just say so on the first day.  We will return your money minus a 25% administration and expense fee.

*Terms and conditions apply.

An exclusive CEO 121 five-day retreat looking at your purpose, direction and decisions within the context of developing or refining the business strategy for unique commercial value.

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