Zetetic Business School

Zetetic Business School shows you how to develop long-term value for your firm and the society you live in.

You get something that fits, enhances or overhauls your firm's strategy. 

You get something that truncates the process of strategic leadership.

And, you get something that gives you a personal edge on a personal level.

The way that we do that is to focus on your subjective experience.

This entry point is faster and more reliable when it comes to developing a strategy.

In some ways, it is not new. 

Eastern yoga science has articulated an aspect of these skills for thousands of years.

And, modern neuroscience is now validating yogic knowledge in the scientific language of the west.

But, getting access to these skills within a business context is not easy.

So, we have developed an inquiry that makes this pot of gold more routinely available.

Yes, at some point you will need the more traditional analytical tools.  But, they cloud the issue at the front end.

Zetetic is probably the only business school education in the world that has your subjective experience as its focus. 

Most of the major schools and consultancies start with analytics.  But analytics paralyse your brain in the absence of your personal insight, knowledge of the structure of your subjective experience, and a sensory description of the outcomes you want.

Be under no illusions.  This is not academic.  The approach is experiential first.  Feelings are involved.

Yes, there are tools and techniques that you can take away and use.  But, your most powerful resource is the ability to explore and articulate your own experience before you package it in thought. 

These skills work well in personal or professional life but our ultimate focus is on the firm's value across the long-term - and the constructive integration of that value within society.

If you wish to talk further contact me, Joseph Pritchard, on +44 (0)7887 513369, or email joseph3@zeteticmind.com