Temple Quarter Breakfast, Wednesday 24 October 2018

'How To Manifest Money?' This is an inquiry into manifestation - the process of bringing something into material reality. Money is the subject because it is a good headline. Most people have some interest in it. And, we all seem to need it. (You could just as easily focus on a new enterprise, a glorious holiday, or a new house. But we are using money as the focus) So, how do we get it? Apart from inheritance, good fortune and pure luck, we seem to have to create it in some way. The traditional narratives include career, a successful enterprise, savings and sound investment. All of which is proven true. But, yoga science also has something to say. And, on the face of it, it's different. So, over this series, we aim to explore from a yoga science perspective - and then compare and contrast with a model from management science. No, I cannot claim a full knowledge of yoga science. Unlike the offerings you receive on strategy - which are tried and tested to destruction over decades in the field - this model will need experiential validation and material evidence at some point. So, where do we start? Many say that you have to conceive to manifest. These voices include the renowned guru Dr Pillai; enlightened incarnation Nithyananda of Bidadi, Bengaluru; and Dr Wayne Dyer. Famously, Dr Dyer wrote a book about it called ‘Manifest Your Destiny’. Conceiving - dreaming, drawing, or designing - the object of your desire seems to be the first step. Dr Pillai specifically advocates that you visualise this conception in your Third Eye, to manifest fast. You have brought ideas into reality many times during your life. So I wonder if this is the first step for you - when you want to manifest money. Do you conceive first to manifest? Best wishes Joseph

City Cafe, Hilton Garden Inn, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6BF.  Click here for Google directions.  The Temple Quarter Breakfast takes place on the 4th Wednesday of every month and starts with breakfast at 0730hrs.  You will be clear by 0900hrs.  You pay the hotel directly for your breakfast (£13.95) and there are no other charges from the organiser.