ZPS2 Bristol SME

ZPS2 is a monthly fixed fee service for small-medium-enterprise, only available in Bristol, UK.

It helps you to profit from strategy.

More generally it helps you to create a competitive strategy, articulate your value proposition, reduce your cost of sale, avoid discounts on the invoice to get your bills paid, increase your return on capital employed, design the right skills balance in your organisation and recruit the right people.

Let me explain

Your business probably has a unique set of problems.  But, you can't afford to hire the right skills to solve those unique problems - at least, you may think that way. 

And you may not want to pay the market rates for consultants because you are unsure of their value and ability to get results.  Worse - the consultancy fees might get out of control 

So, you do nothing and miss out, if you like.

'Recently I achieved a return on investment of £4.00 new net profit for every single pound invested as a fee with Zetetic.  This is an exceptional result.  It shows you what can be achieved with access to the right people.  It did take two years to bring to fruition but the business figures look so clean now and the enterprise has a new management team set for future success.'

In so-called normal times, my client would never hire a management consultant; an accountant, yes; a lawyer, yes; a management consultant - never. 

He only did it because his new girlfriend was a friend of my cousin, and so I was a known if distant quantity - and because the help was cheap given the family connection.  Oh  ... and he was close to losing everything he had worked for during the last five years, including his health!

My cousin's friend, therefore, prompted this service: an affordable channel to tried and tested skills - for the small and medium enterprise - without having to worry about large or wildfire fees. 


  • The owner, President, and CEO of a small and medium enterprise.  If you are trading between £1m and £10m revenue each year it will probably suit you.  Anything below £1m is not suitable for this service (see start-up).  And anything above £10m is likely to need a specialist approach.
  • You and your business get a free health check in that we check your desired outcomes, strategy, and P&L account alongside any presenting issues.
  • We design an outline of interventions in step with your goals to get you back on track and create measurable value.
  • You agree to - and authorise - a monthly subscription fee from the outline presented to you.
  • Once you have instructed us, you can get advice and guidance straight away.
  • We help you to clarify your thinking and transform your performance
  • There is no limit on access
  • Your fees are capped because you are signed to a subscription
  • You also receive a 20% discount to the market signing for a subscription as an SME
  • You have immediate access to a real network of consultants with specific skills, tried and tested, in strategy, leadership, management, sales, marketing, brand, digital, Automated CRM, CX, UX, and Video production.
  • You are overstretched by rapid growth
  • You do not have a management team with the skills to manage your growth - and you don't trust them anyway
  • Customer complaints against job specification and invoice are common
  • High Cost-Of-Sale
  • Overheads out of proportion to sales
  • The 'wrong' customers
  • Jerky profit and loss line.
  • If you want to profit from strategy as a small or medium enterprise please contact Joseph about ZPS2 on joseph3@zeteticmind.com