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Modelling Strategies

'Do You Really Want To Solve Your Value Problem?' 

(or, productivity by another name)

Many organisations fail to code their IP.  Often, they don't even recognise it as an asset with commercial value. 

If this is also true for you then your firm is losing commercial value and productivity.


Because, unlike last the last century, about 70% of your business value is probably in your IP, not your physical assets.  And packaged value (IP) strengthens productivity because it explains how to do it again, successfully.

Capture and duplicate your value 

Today, language technologies exist that code your Intellectual Property and duplicate your successful strategies.

It's just like using an algorithm.

Coding captures skill so that it's possible to duplicate and distribute your value.

‘This process was remarkably successful and enabled me and my team to achieve what I had previously thought were unattainable results. Specifically, we won the National Customer Service Award for Contact Centre of the Year and were listed as number 33 in the Sunday Times top 100 Great Places to Work Survey.’

Michele Robinson, General Manager Loop (FTSE100)

If you really want to solve that value problem, Modelling Strategies can help you.  Please email joseph3@zeteticmind to find out more.