Brand Value And Data

This is a true customer-centric revolution catalysed by regulation.

The EU General Data Protection Regulations - and the Data Bill currently going through the UK Parliament – rebalance the power relationship in the favour of your customer.

The revolution is characterised by the death of the pre-checked tick box; no more pre-checked tick boxes!

From a marketing, sales, and customer service perspective this is probably the biggest change in data collection in a generation.

If like me, you have been overwhelmed and confused by data collection procedures in the past, you may appreciate this because legislation does normally drive change.

You must now actively win the consent of your customer for all their data.

We can see that it may not happen overnight.  It might take several years to play through the existing company systems.

But, this is a great opportunity for building brand value with your customer and client base.

Strong brands - with an attractive value proposition and loyal base - normally create a more profitable enterprise over the long term.

EU GDPR offers you the opportunity to strengthen your brand – a lawful basis for profit.

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